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Building Restoration

Jenco provides comprehensive waterproofing services for both new and existing buildings.

Building Restoration Services include:
  • Coatings and Sealers
  • Building Sealants and Control Joint Systems
  • Sheet and Liquid-Applied Membrane Waterproofing
  • Epoxy and Urethane Grout Injection
  • Parking Garage and Plaza Deck Reconstruction
  • Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration
Water is the single most damaging element to a building facility and keeping a building water-tight is critical to the preservation of the structure.

In many cases, facility managers are faced with water problems that plague a structure from initial construction. As time goes on, these problems become even more severe.

Water first damages a building cosmetically, then structurally. By the time water damage is visible on the interior of the building, it is likely that some irreversible damage has been caused to the exterior. Once irreversible damage to the building exterior has occurred, costly retrofit/reinstallation work is required. This is why keeping the building water-tight is so important. Over time, the only way to prevent water from entering a structure is through a regularly scheduled maintenance program by skilled professionals.

When it comes to protecting your building from water infiltration, Jenco is the single reliable source for comprehensive waterproofing services. It is with a total commitment to excellence in waterproofing that Jenco consistently delivers the experience and quality workmanship that stands the test of time and the rigors of nature.